Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Rosie Buttons, our beautiful girl, We love you

Its been probably the worst few weeks of our lives. Devastated is a understatement, never cried so much in all our lives...

Was their anything else we could have done, gone from hysterical to tears, to hysterical to more tears to been hysterical..

We have cried and cried and been angry at god for taking our angel away from us, just when we think we are coming to terms with it again we start crying and it all starts all over..

We did everything we could have done Rosie, we would have given our right arm to keep you here, but the time was right for you to go and play at Rainbow Bridge.......

We now have you back at home where you belong, and we have a piece of your fur which we will put in your ashes with your tags... Its nearly 4 weeks Rosie and it just feels like you are in the next room xxxxx

Your still heart broken family xxxxx

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